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  • alligator P7KVU3N scaled e1634120757642

    Do Alligators Have Scales Or Skin? ???? (Explained)

    American alligators have both scales AND skin. Their backs have gnarled, knobbly skin: thick and scaly. Their tummies and chins are quite smooth in comparison. Do Alligators Have Scales Or Skin? Most reptiles – including alligators – have different versions of skin coverings. Skin is basically any form of outer covering to a body –…

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  • asian small clawed otter aonyx cinereus in river KZJPHAN scaled e1632917321409

    Do Otters Build Dams? ????

    Most otters choose to live in inland lakes and rivers and sometimes even live behind a huge dam. However, otters don’t actually build these dams – beavers do. So, Do Otters Build Dams? Otters are one of the most aquatic furry mammals on the planet – along with beavers, muskrat and nutria (coypu). All very…

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  • european otter lutra lutra also known as eurasian PXW5LBJ scaled e1632917193869

    Can Otters Climb Trees? ????

    Even though otters are semi-aquatic mammals and actually have webbed feet – some species of otter are more than capable of climbing onto and up into trees. How Easily Can Otters Climb Trees? If you were to watch the videos of captive in the UK (watch below) – then the answer would seem to be ‘quite…

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  • hippos herd at lake naivasha np kenya HG3TA67 scaled e1632908299714

    How Fast Can A Hippo Move In Water? ????

    Hippos are semi-aquatic mammals and are very well adapted to life in water. They are so good that they move faster than an Olympic swimmer over short distances. How Fast Can A Hippo Move In Water? Hippos are the closest living relatives of the whales and dolphins – so needless to say they are experts…

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  • hippo canada M6AM2CD scaled e1632907987443

    Can You Outrun A Hippo? ????

    If you’re a good runner on a flat surface with a head start – yes – you can outrun a hippo. If you’re caught off guard, too close and too slow – then maybe not! How Can You Outrun A Hippo? Hippos (Hippopotamus amphibius) are huge – and strong. They don’t have any blubber –…

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  • hippo hippopotamus amphibius PTRP6CZ scaled e1632901485761

    Where Do Hippos Live? ????

    Hippos live across most of sub-Saharan Africa in rivers, lakes, swamps and even the ocean. Found in sparse patches only, both species of hippo are endangered. In Africa: Where Do Hippos Live? Although the hippopotamus family’s prehistoric range was literally across the globe (hippo ancestors were once living in America) – hippos now only live…

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