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    Where Do Hippos Sleep? ????

    Hippos – like their relatives the whales and dolphins – sleep mainly in water. They sleep completely submerged or with their nostrils just above the surface. Where Do Hippos Sleep? Hippos are semi-aquatic mammals. This means that they are designed to live more than half their life in water – just like sea lions and…

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    Can Hippos Jump? ????

    Underwater, hippos can leap and bound around like elegant ballerinas – jumping off the river bed and up into the air. However, on land, they can’t jump at all. How High Can Hippos Jump? On land, a hippo can’t jump at all. Whether they are the giant muscular Common Hippo (Hippopotamus amphibius) or the much…

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    Can Hippos Breathe Underwater? ????

    Hippos spend a lot of time in or under water in their natural habitat. But, just like all mammals, they can’t breathe underwater. They have lungs, not gills. How Can Hippos Breathe Underwater? They can’t. Mammals – including hippos – have a dedicated respiratory system that only works with a constant movement of air in…

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    How Many Species Of Hippo Are There? ????

    There are only 2 living species of hippopotamus in the world today and both are only found in Africa. One is the Common Hippo and the other is the Pygmy Hippo. How Many Species Of Hippo Are There In The World? Hippos today are only found in sub-Saharan Africa (anywhere there is plenty of water)…

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    Where Do Otters Live? ????

    Otters live all across the globe. They live in wetland environments including rivers, estuaries and coasts – on all continents except Antarctica and Australia. How And Where Do Otters Live? Otters have colonized most of the planet with their adaptable diet and opportunistic habits – however, they are quite fussy about cleanliness and quiet. This…

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    Can Otters Be Pets? ????

    Otters would seem to make the perfect pet – they are adorable, cute, and a reasonable size? However in most countries it is totally illegal to keep a pet otter. In The U.S. Can Otters Be Pets? On paper – any mammal that doesn’t need a Dangerous Wild Animal (DWA) license could be a possible…

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