Can Dogs Eat Fireflies? 🔥🦟 (Explained)

Our pets are naturally curious, which is one of the qualities we admire the most. However, their insatiable curiosity can occasionally get them into problems when they unwittingly come into contact with potentially deadly substances—or creatures. As the summer progresses, your pet may spend more time outside, which could lead to bug encounters of various …

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Does Colorado Have Fireflies? 🔥🦟 (Answered)

Children in the eastern and Midwest states vividly recall chasing and catching fireflies on hot, humid summer nights. Colorado’s youngsters may now be a part of those enduring memories. A biochemistry/entomology graduate from Colorado State University believes the fireflies he’s been studying in Fort Collins for the past 3 years are native to the state and …

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Does California Have Fireflies? 🔥🦟 (Answered)

For many Americans, summer is incomplete without the ethereal glitter of fireflies at dusk. The bioluminescent insects are popular in many Eastern states throughout the summer, but they’re rarely found west of the Rocky Mountains. Despite popular belief, there are a few fireflies in the United States West.  They may be less common and less …

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