Do Cockroaches Crawl on you at Night? ????

Yes, cockroaches will crawl on you at night. This is to be partially expected because they are nocturnal insects that like to go out to do their insect duties during the night.

All of us, at least any sane person, have asked ourselves this question at one point. Do cockroaches crawl on you at night? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Being afraid of cockroaches

Lucihormetica verrucosa is a species of giant cock

It is normal to be afraid of cockroaches. The truth is that this insect is a source of great fear for many people due to several factors: anatomical structure, the fact that they transmit diseases, that they feed on putrefaction and decaying food, or that they are capable of flying.

Most likely, the fear comes from a traumatic experience in the past or from something we have seen or heard. I happen to know a person who lives in a first-floor apartment, and his building is next to garbage cans. He left his window open at night because of the heat, and you already can imagine the end of the story. Yes, unfortunately, it happens.

I hate to be the one bringing the bad news.

We have all heard the story of someone who got a cockroach in his ear at night, and it stayed there for days. God forbid. But it is not necessary to go to such extents, although we will talk more in-depth about the ear thing. You may simply wake up feeling tingling in your legs, only to find out that it’s a cockroach. That’s what happened to the guy I mentioned earlier.

Why do cockroaches crawl on you at night?

Cockroaches are in constant search of food sources. And we humans are organic matter. So they will be driven by their instincts to crawl over people while looking for food.

This occurs because cockroaches are drawn to body heat. We, humans, radiate; even while asleep.

During the day they usually won’t come near us because they are afraid of our movements. But during the night everything is quite calm and there is hardly any movement. Is there any better environment for them? Allow me to doubt it.

What’s with the ears?

As we have previously mentioned, cockroaches like to come out at night. Simply by lying motionless we become likely victims; the perfect target. In addition, cockroaches, just like a large number of insects, like small, warm, and humid places. And ears are all of the above. “For them, going into the ear, it’s like a safe place to eat or rest,” explains Coby Schal, an entomologist. That’s right: “a safe place to eat.” Cockroaches can wander inside our ears in search of a tasty morsel.

The odor emanating from the ear is attractive to cockroaches because they are attracted to a type of fatty acid that is released by fermented foods, such as beer or cheese. Guess what, our earwax also releases these acids.

The thing is, once the cockroach manages to crawl into our ear, it is likely to get stuck. As we have said it has happened to some people. Often they simply die due to people scratching their ears because of the itching. Cockroaches are far neater than they seem, and ear infections usually come because, when they die, the bacteria that were inside the cockroach are left free. Not from the insect itself.

Although other bugs crawl into our ears too (I’m sure you’ve heard of spiders), cockroaches do it more often. This is because they live around people, feeding on our garbage. Of course, American cockroaches, which live in sewers, are too big to fit inside an ear. The intruders are usually German cockroaches. Although any insect brood or small enough could be an intruder.

How To Keep Roaches Away While You Sleep

Now that we know that cockroaches, like many other insects, will definitely crawl on you at night, let’s go over some solutions to avoid such an unwanted situation.

  • Keep your sleeping quarters free of food and moisture: The bugs look for food. It’s natural. Don’t keep leftovers in your room. Not even in your kitchen; you may find spiders in the morning if you don’t do the dishes at night.
  • Reduce clutter: The more objects in the room (and be careful, on the floor) the easier it will be for them to camouflage themselves and appear out of nowhere when you least expect it.
  • Regularly empty your trash. Same as with number #1!
  • Make sure all openings to the outside (windows and doors, primarily) are well-sealed.

This should prevent unwanted visits during the night. But still, take care.