Do Cockroaches Eat Bed Bugs?

Yes, cockroaches do eat bed bugs sometimes. Cockroaches are scavengers and predators so there isn’t much they don’t eat.

Yes, cockroaches do eat bed bugs sometimes. Cockroaches are scavengers and predators so there isn’t much they don’t eat.

They prefer rotting material such as food scraps, however, will eat bedbugs and other small insects on when there isn’t other food sources available.

A Little Bit about Cockroaches

Cockroaches are small insects, red or brown in color and known for the difficulty in getting rid of them; it seems like no matter what you do they come back. This may be in part because cockroaches are intelligent enough to adapt to hostile environments and situations.

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects that are usually found in dark, moist places such as kitchens or storage areas in houses, hotels, and restaurants. Cockroaches live in groups. Pheromones they leave in their feces or around potential food sources attract other cockroaches to the area for feeding and breeding.

Cockroaches are primarily scavengers, eating rotting food, coffee grounds, hair, skin flakes, paper products, and even soap. They are also predators, which means they’ll eat bed bugs or other small insects when there’s no other more preferable source of food available to them.

Some Information on Bedbugs

Bed bugs are also nocturnal insects but stay mostly in cracks, crevices, mattress springs, and the carpet.

They mature in as little as a month and a female bed bug may produce hundreds of eggs in her lifetime. This rapid life-cycle is one reason bed bugs are so difficult to get rid of them.

Another reason is because bedbugs are experts at hiding and can go for extended periods of time without feeding, a manifestation may show up long after the carrier leaves or after you think you’ve finally gotten rid of them they make a comeback. They feed on blood so will bite you in order to feed and the resulting allergic reaction causes itchy sores and sometimes a rash.

Cockroach/Bedbug Interactions and the Best Way to Get Rid of Both

Is it likely you would have cockroaches and bed bugs at the same time? No, having both cockroaches and bed bugs at the same time isn’t likely. That being said, there are similar conditions in a household that attract both bed bugs and cockroaches.

Cluttered, dirty houses and poor hygiene all attract both pests. Since cockroaches eat bedbugs, are cockroaches an effective way to get rid of bed bugs?

The answer is no. Though cockroaches are much faster than bed bugs and so have no trouble catching them, bed bugs breed more quickly than cockroaches can eat them.

Additionally, cockroaches are usually found in the kitchen while bedbugs are mainly in the bedroom. The chance of them sharing a habitat is narrowed because of that. Another reason cockroaches wouldn’t make effective bedbug eliminators is bed bugs can hide in crannies and cracks the cockroaches access.

Also a presence of both at one time is unusual, but if you do happen to experience it, chemicals will likely be needed to eradicate the cockroaches and bed bugs completely. Both are extremely difficult to get rid of, but here are some strategies to eliminate them both.

  • Thoroughly clean your house, get rid of clutter, including clutter outside (woodpiles, trash, junk),
  • Repair leaks and cracks in your house and get rid of infected furniture if possible.
  • For bed bugs, getting rid of pillows and mattresses may be required.
  • Some chemical free options for elimination of cockroaches include baking soda and boric acid.
  • For bed bugs, exposing the infected items to extreme heat or cold helps to kill of adult and larvae.
  • For both cockroaches and bed bugs, there are a wide variety of chemicals available to kill them.

These include Ortho Home Pest Protection, Harris Bed Bug and Cockroach killer, and Raid products. If all else fails, you can use a fogger (also known as a bug bomb) or consult with professionals.


In conclusion, the answer to do cockroaches eat bed bugs is yes; however, they aren’t an effective way to get rid of any bed bug problem you may have.

If you have both at once, you will need to use a different method to eliminate bed bugs. This includes a thorough cleaning of the entire house, decluttering your living space, and using chemical deterrents. Once you’ve gotten rid of the bed bugs and/or cockroaches, maintaining a clean home will ensure they don’t return.

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