Do Toucans Make Good Pets?

Toucans are great companions and may be kept in cages. Apart from being interesting and attractive, they are also quite active and friendly creatures. If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind and exotic companion pet, the toucan could be a choice for you.

Five reasons to own a toucan

In the event that you decide to keep this exotic bird as a pet, it may become a delightful companion that adapts to your family and provides various advantages to its new owner.

1. Simple Diet

Toucans are omnivorous when they are in the wild. In addition to fruit, they will ingest insects, eggs, and tiny lizards when they are readily accessible, although they prefer fruit above all other foods.

While in captivity, they are fed pelleted food that is supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden.

Mealworms, red wigglers, and a tiny bit of cooked egg may be given as a treat to your pet.

The fact that toucans do not chew their food before swallowing it implies that the most essential issue when establishing a diet for the bird is to make certain that it is given little morsels rather than large pieces of food.

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2. Bites Don’t Hurt

In spite of the fact that toucans are recognized for being loving pets, they have the ability to bite, just like any other pet bird, particularly if they are startled or terrified.

Although the Toucan bill seems to be fairly threatening due to its size, the hooked end ensures that a bite from this bird will not inflict harm or discomfort.

The bird may draw blood if it is aggressive and completely bites down on a finger while shaking it; but, unlike parrots, it does not have the same potential to injure fingers.

3. Lives for up to 25 years

Toucans do not have the same life expectancy as giant parrots, which may live for 50 to 60 years in the wild, but they can survive for roughly 25 years in captivity.

This is often seen as a reasonable halfway ground. Smaller birds have a lower life span than their larger counterparts.

As a result of the Toucan’s goal age, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about who will take care of your bird if it outlives you, but you will still have plenty of time to enjoy your bird’s company.

4. Warm-hearted pets

Upon early and continued adoption, this species may develop a strong attachment to its owners, and it is regarded as a fascinating and energetic bird in its own right.

Toucans, after they have formed a link with their owners, really love snuggling up or cuddling with them because it mimics the sensation they would get from snuggling up in the leaves of a tree and it makes them feel comfortable, according to the Toucan Organization.

5. They Don’t Ruin Things

This species is not believed to be destructive, and that is why zoo cages built of a soft mesh are often used to house it.

In contrast to parrots and other more destructive birds, they do not need a strong metal cage to survive.

They are also less likely to cause damage to furniture or other objects in the home, which makes them simpler to keep in a home.

Is It Legal To Own a Toucan In The USA?

Keeping a toucan as a pet is not permitted in all states (a minimum of 13 states don’t allow toucans). The rest needs permits.

In certain states, the sale of these creatures is prohibited, and the holding of these animals in captivity, even for breeding, is illegal. (So check up on your individual state.)

In some instances, the only option to comply with the law while still enjoying the company of these beautiful birds would be to get a zoological certificate that complies with all applicable rules.

It is permissible to keep a toucan as a pet in various areas in the United States, as long as you have the right documentation and permission.

Although these characteristics should allow a bird to enjoy life in the wild, they should also be able to live in a highly practical and perfect environment, provided it is given the proper care. 

Does Toucan Require a Permit?

Yes, In most states you need a permit to hold Toucans because they are considered exotic birds. And in some states, it is not even allowed.

So always remember that in order to get a permit for a toucan, you must first determine whether it is permitted in your state and then apply for the permit.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Toucan?

Toucans are quite costly to keep as pets. Purchasing one from a breeder in the United States can cost you from $2,000 to $10,000.

One place where you can buy Toucans is HERE (But do check that everything is in order before going out buying a Toucan) (Link is to an online site for buyers and breeders to find each other)

Because they need fresh and exotic fruit to flourish, they are not only costly to buy, but they are also very expensive to maintain. Canned fruits that are too inexpensive just do not cut it. An expert bird veterinarian will also be required in this situation.

Is a Toucan Noisy?

Toucans’ calls may be loud and raspy, making them a noisy bird to be around.

According to the San Diego Zoo, the popular term “toucan” originates from the sound that the birds make.

Toucans are among the noisiest birds on the planet.
When they sing, they make a sound similar to that of frogs croaking or the bark of a dog.
Some highland toucans even produce noises that resemble the braying of a donkey, which is rather amusing.

They also make sounds with their bills, such as tapping and clattering them together.

Aside from barking and snarling, several toucan species also emit braying and braying noises. Female toucans have a higher pitch than male toucans.

It is via their vocalizations that they are able to attract other birds to suitable feeding grounds and distinguish themselves from other toucan groups.

Do Toucans Talk?

No, the toucan does not communicate in any way.

They also do not shout or make loud sounds like parrots, which is a good thing.

The toucan, on the other hand, is no less interesting than your typical parrot.

As you can see, they do make use of vocalization in order to attract mates.

Toucans emit a variety of sounds that vary in volume according to the species.

Some toucans make growling, purring, or clicking noises, while others, such as the Swainson toucan, may make very high-pitched sounds as well.

Shortly said, it is fair to state that the toucan is not well known for possessing a silver tongue. You will not hear a toucan say “hi” in the same way that you would hear a parrot or a raven.

What is the best toucan pet?

The Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) is the biggest and, in many ways, most well-known of the toucan family’s five members.

It may be found in semi-open settings across most of Central and Eastern South America, as well as in the Caribbean. And also in Eastern and central Paraguay as well as northern and eastern Bolivia, extreme southeastern Peru, northern Argentina, and eastern and southern Brazil are all home to this species.

With a mostly black body, white neck, chest, and upper tail-coverts, and red under tail-coverts, the Toco Toucan have a distinctive plumage that stands out against its black background.

The iris is blue, and it is bordered by a ring of naked, orange skin on each side of it.

One of the bird’s most distinguishing characteristics is its enormous bill, which is yellow-orange in color with a darker reddish-orange tint on the lower regions of the bill and culmen and with a black base and a big spot on the tip.

It seems to be hefty, but like with other toucans, it is rather light because the interior is entirely empty.

The tongue is almost as long as the bill and it is quite flat on the surface.

It is the biggest species of toucan, measuring 55-65 cm (22-26 in) in total length, including a bill that is approximately 20 cm (8 in), and weighing 500-850 g (17.5-30 oz).

Males are somewhat bigger than females but other than that, the sexes are almost identical.

Juveniles have a duller appearance and a shorter bill than adults do.

Its voice is characterized by a deep, harsh croaking that is often repeated every few seconds. In addition, it makes a rattling call and will bill-clack when disturbed.

Can Toucans Be Potty Trained?

It will take a lot of consistency and training to get at Toucan to be potty trained. But it could be a good thing to do when you look at the metabolisms toucans have which means that they eat often, and therefore also needs to poop very often.

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