How Do You Scare Raccoons Away? ????

a wild female raccoon eating an apple that was thr SAQT6FZ 1 scaled e1619819205415

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Scaring raccoons away is a combination of sudden noise, strong smells and maybe having outdoor dogs. Making your yard less appealing though is the real key.

Why Do Raccoons Raid My Garbage?

a wild female raccoon eating an apple that was thr SAQT6FZ 1 scaled e1619819205415

Basically, Because they can – if you are in a location where raccoons are common – then, of course, they are going to enter your yard and make off with what they can. They need to eat – and have a great sense of smell – so all that food you have in the trash or stored in your barns is going to be a beacon of hope to them. And if they are hungry – they will come to find it.

Depending on how hungry raccoons are – only some serious interventions will have them running off.

How Do You Scare Raccoons Away From Your Yard?

There are several things you can do – all of which have pros and cons. If the raccoons are just passing by hoping for a snack or if they find themselves in a new location these will certainly work short term. A very determined or hungry raccoon though might try coming back later if it thinks there is a big prize to be had.

Dogs Barking:

Big dogs barking – and getting louder – is a great deterrent and will certainly scare a raccoon off your land quick-smart. You probably won’t even see the raccoon before it has hopped over the fence and gone elsewhere. Raccoons don’t like confrontations with dogs (or humans) so if they hear a dog coming – they won’t hang around.

Sudden Loud Noises:

Loud noises are great for scaring off a nosy raccoon. They may well also chase them off your land for longer if they are continued noises – or they attract humans (and the associated clatter and chatter). Sudden bangs and metal-sounding noises are far more effective (as they can’t be mistaken for anything natural) so motion-triggered deterrents or human-activated contraptions will soon send a raccoon scarpering.

Strong Smells:

Carefully-placed strong smells – known to be unpleasant to raccoons can be used on properties – although they aren’t a scare tactic in general – except the bear one! Using the fresh scent (often poop or pee) of a bear or wolf may well make the raccoons think there was serious competition here and have them run off somewhere safer!

Article: Does Human Urine Keep Raccoons Away?

General anti-raccoon odors – like garlic, cinnamon, and peppermint – that waft over large areas can make the raccoons consider going to less smelly places instead of yours. Then, specific facial irritants can be used in touch-points or near garbage or food stores – so if a raccoon comes real close and accidentally sniffs too hard at a pile of hot pepper or Epsom salts – they will go running.

Electric Fences:

Getting an electric shock when you aren’t expecting it will certainly scare a raccoon away. Having these though – you need to be aware of the right type for your property.

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Raccoons are very smart and agile – and can most probably avoid such fences once they know what they are. Your electric fence would need to be quite specific in its location and type – not just a general fence. Perhaps along the tops of solid fences, or around the most attractive areas such as doors.

Do Raccoons Live in Packs, and if so, How Do You Scare Them Away?

Raccoons living together in groups is not uncommon, as they often form small packs known as nurseries. However, if they become a nuisance, you can scare them away by implementing various methods. These include using bright lights, loud noises, or even introducing natural deterrents like predator urine. Remember, it’s important to discourage them humanely and without causing harm.

Can A Raccoon Climb A Fence?

You can’t outsmart a raccoon with a high fence – and a wire fence is no obstacle at all. Raccoons are excellent climbers.

They have evolved to become masters of agility and can manage to do just about anything. They can climb, leap, prise things open, use doors, open lids, catch fish, fight off (small) dogs, outsmart (big) dogs and steal just about anything they can carry.

Raccoons have above-average intelligence and can work out how to use tools and to do things that us humans think is our own domain. Don’t assume that anything other than locks and bolts can escape a raccoon’s smart wits.

They also have evolved the amazing ability to turn their back feet around to act like grapple hooks on their way down trees, fences, and posts. They twist their ankles around – making their back feet work like hands. With their razor-sharp claws facing up the tree or post – they can use them as brakes coming when down – and either slow their descent or help to hold them in place while they reach out and grab something else.

Videos of Raccoons Climbing Large Buildings.

Raccoon Climbing up the side of a building.

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