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  • Koala population size

    How Many Koalas Are Left in the Wild?

    The koala population size, trends, and decline in recent years have become a cause for concern. The announcement in February 2022 of koalas in eastern Australia being listed as an endangered species for the first time has highlighted the urgency of addressing the issue. It is estimated that there are now fewer than 100,000 koalas…

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  • Koala scent marking

    How do koalas use scent marking to establish territory?

    When it comes to establishing territory, koalas have a unique method of communication – scent marking. This behavior allows them to assert their boundaries and interact with other koalas in their vicinity. Through scent marking, koalas convey important messages about their presence, mating intentions, and willingness to defend their territory. Male koalas, in particular, use…

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  • Koala tree-dwelling

    How do koalas adapt to life in trees and their arboreal lifestyle?

    Are you curious about how koalas thrive in their tree-dwelling habitat? Let’s explore the fascinating adaptations that make them masters of the treetops. Koalas have evolved unique characteristics to suit their arboreal lifestyle. Their long, muscular limbs and sharp claws provide them with exceptional grip and agility, allowing them to navigate tree trunks with ease.…

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  • Koala baby koalas

    How do baby koalas (joeys) develop and grow?

    Welcome to our article all about baby koalas! If you’re a fan of these adorable creatures, you’re in for a treat. In this section, we’ll explore how baby koalas, also known as joeys, develop and grow into the cute koalas we all love. We’ll cover everything from their unique birth to their diet and growth…

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  • Koala threats

    What are the primary threats facing wild koala populations?

    Wild koala populations face numerous challenges that threaten their survival. From habitat loss to increasing human encroachment, these adorable marsupials are under constant pressure. European settlement in Australia has resulted in the destruction of more than four-fifths of the original koala habitat. This habitat loss poses the greatest threat to their existence. Land clearing for…

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  • Koala habitat loss

    How is habitat loss impacting wild koala populations?

    Koalas are facing a critical threat to their survival due to habitat loss. The destruction of their natural habitat, caused by urban, industrial, and rural development, has had a devastating impact on wild koala populations in Queensland. This habitat loss has resulted in habitat fragmentation, making it increasingly difficult for koalas to find suitable food…

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