Can Red Pandas Swim? And Are They Any Good?

Red pandas are found in the Himalayan range in Nepal, India, and China, where it is snowy and freezing for a good portion of the year.

They are really interesting animals to see because they do a lot of cute habits, especially since they are an endangered species that we do not know as much about compared to other species, like the giant panda.

When we talk about water and the red pandas then you will be surprised to know that red pandas are excellent swimmers and love to swim in the water. This is not a thing they often do but once they do, they are good at it.

They are very secretive in the wild which is very hard to study for scientists. Most people feel very lucky when they come in contact with the red panda because they do such cute things. 

Most of the time red pandas spend their life in the higher forests and there are fewer chances that they come on the ground. Their diet consists of 90% of bamboo grass because they love to eat that.

They have fur on their bodies and white markings on the side of their faces. They love to go around at dusk and dawn time when they mostly are active.

Primarily the red pandas are carnivores but they have adapted themselves according to the environment and they eat plants. 

In wildlife, red pandas are solitary and encounter predators. Most of the predators are not concerned about the adult ones but they are concerned about the babies in the dens. 

After eating a lot of bamboo grass they come down the trees and on the ground for having water to drink and when they find an abundance of water, they start swimming in it. This is because they are naughty animals and love to play with others in different ways. They take jumps from one tree to another and in that their tail helps a lot in maintaining the balance. So they find swimming a good thing. 

Scientists say that in those conditions where predators are chasing the red pandas on the trees and grounds when it comes to the water, red pandas have been proved to be excellent swimmers by escaping themselves from those situations. If you ever have visited the zoo or have seen the red pandas, you will see that in the cage of the red panda, there will be a swimming pool for playing and swimming for red pandas. Most of the people will be surprised to see how good these red pandas are at swimming. 

Do red pandas have waterproof fur?

Yes, red pandas have thick fur on their bodies which helps a lot in sustaining and maintaining the temperature of their body, and their tail is also used to wrap around the body to keep it warm and cozy.

Well, if we talk about the fur on their body regarding the water, definitely it is waterproof. When they swim and come out of the water it gets dry in a few minutes. In this way, they can easily take baths and can stay safe during the cold weather as well. They have adapted to the environmental changes and it helped a lot to make their survival possible for them. Red panda fur is waterproof and due to their fur, most people kill them and take off their skill for selling purposes. But now they have become an endangered species and require more care. Around 1000 red pandas are killed each year for getting their fur out of them.

Do red pandas like water?

It depends on the weather conditions because, in summers or hot weather, red pandas like to go in the water for swimming and to keep their body temperature balanced.

Most red pandas live in higher mountains where there is cold weather so the red panda just licks their paws and uses them to wipe down their fur instead of the full tongue for fur bath. They do like water but it depends on the weather conditions.

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