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  • red fox sleeping at outdoor SJYMYHN scaled e1619810770553

    Where Do Foxes Sleep? In Dens or Out In The Open? ????

    Where Do Foxes Sleep At Night? Foxes find somewhere to sleep each day – but they don’t have one single spot. They will sleep in any number of different places including close to their dens in the open air when it is extremely hot, raining, or when they are raising their fox cubs. We always…

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  • owl 39P92VE scaled e1619785390720

    Do Owls Eat Foxes? ???? vs ????

    Large owls – such as Great Horned Owls and Eagle Owls – certainly will and do eat foxes. There are only a handful of species large enough to do this though. Why Do Owls Eat Foxes? Owls are classed as a Bird Of Prey – a carnivore – so by their nature they need to…

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  • beware of bears 3889ZN4 scaled e1617827497330

    Can A Bear Jump A Fence?

    Yes, Bears can do whatever they want – and if they want to get over a fence – they will get over a fence. They may not jump it gracefully like a kangaroo though… How Can A Bear Jump A Fence? Bears can actually jump quite well – but only in direct relation to their…

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  • brown bear drinking from the river in summer DU6GXMZ scaled e1617826580587

    Do Bears Have Tails & How Long Are They?

    Yes, bears do have tails. You may not really have ever noticed it – but all bears do actually have a tail. Not like a dog or cat tail – but it is still there. Short and sweet. Why Do Bears Have Tails? Tails evolved in mammals for a variety of reasons – but their…

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  • sleepy bear 7Q7XWKF scaled e1617825949896

    Do All Bears Hibernate?

    No, Not all bears hibernate. Bears live all over the globe and where there is a shortage of food in winter – bears will hibernate. Bears in food-rich environments do not hibernate. Why Do Bears Hibernate? When animals have a year-round supply of nutritious food – they need to be awake all year to eat…

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  • polar bear on white snow scaled e1614429358660

    Do Polar Bears Eat Penguins?

    No, But only for one reason. Penguins live around the South Pole – and Polar Bears only live around the North Pole: 20,000 kilometers apart. So no, Polar Bears do not eat penguins, because they can’t get to them. Would Polar Bears Eat Penguins? It would certainly be an unfortunate affair for the penguin –…

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