Does California Have Fireflies? ???????? (Answered)

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For many Americans, summer is incomplete without the ethereal glitter of fireflies at dusk. The bioluminescent insects are popular in many Eastern states throughout the summer, but they’re rarely found west of the Rocky Mountains. Despite popular belief, there are a few fireflies in the United States West. 

They may be less common and less visible, but they exist – even in Southern California’s arid, urban, and light-polluted settings. In reality, a new species of firefly has been discovered in the shadow of America’s third city, Los Angeles County. Joshua Oliva, an undergrad student at the University of California-Riverside, discovered the firefly in May while collecting insects for an entomology class in the Santa Monica Mountains. 

In a press statement regarding the discovery, Doug Yanega, senior scientist at the UC-Riverside Entomology Research Museum, states, “He wasn’t 100 percent positive it was a firefly and brought it to me for confirmation.” “I’m familiar enough with the local fauna that I was able to tell him within minutes that he had discovered something completely new to science. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happy pupil.

There are various types of fireflies, sometimes known as lightning bugs, in Southern California, although not all of them sparkle. Even the bright ones keep a low profile compared to their Eastern counterparts, flying only for a few minutes after dusk. They also tend to congregate in small, highly localized groups near springs and seeps, where they eat snails. Yanega points out that their short range makes them particularly vulnerable.

One of the reasons we’re bringing this to the public’s attention is that it appears likely that this beetle’s range is relatively restricted,” he says, “and the environment where it occurs may require some protection, at least until we learn more about it.

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Does California Have Fireflies? ???????? (Answered) 3

Can Fireflies Live in California?

Despite what you may have heard or seen, there are fireflies west of the Mountains, though they tend to stay to themselves and are rarely observed by humans. People come upon some now and then. This time, an undergrad in Los Angeles County who was insect hunting hit the jackpot after discovering a new firefly species.

People who live in the East are particularly fortunate since they frequently observe insects flashing during the sunset. There are 56 different species of fireflies in Florida. Only 18 species have been identified in California. They’re also dull, both in terms of quantity and brightness. Not all California fireflies sparkle (one has to question why they’re still called fireflies), and those that do only fly for a short time after dusk. It’s no surprise, then, that the discovery of a new bug species in California is significant news

Where Can I Find Fireflies In California?

In the Santa Monica and Laguna mountains in San Diego, luminous fireflies, often known as lightning bugs, have been spotted. In San Bernardino County, they’ve been seen on the southeast slope of Mt. San Jacinto and upper Lytle Creek.

Snails are fireflies’ favorite diet, thus they love wet, humid environments. Ponds, springs, seeps, and streams have been the sites of many rare species discovered in Southern California.

What US States Have Fireflies?

Florida and Georgia, with over fifty species each, are the most species-rich states in the United States. This was news to me as someone who grew raised in Florida. Until my family relocated to South Carolina, when fireflies collected in our backyard every sunny afternoon at dusk, I had no memory of them.

Do Fireflies Exist in Other States Besides Colorado?

Do fireflies exist in other states besides Colorado? Many people wonder about this when visiting the beautiful state. The answer is yes, fireflies can be found in various states across the country. These magical insects are known for their mesmerizing light displays during warm summer nights. Colorado fireflies: all you need to know is that they are indeed a natural phenomenon, but they can also be found in states like North Carolina, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, among others.

Are There Fireflies On The West Coast?

That’s to the west of the Mississippi. There’s no way. It’s a little too dry. In the West, we don’t have fireflies. That is common knowledge.

It’s wonderful to persuade people that fireflies can be found west of the Rockies,” says Christy Bills, invertebrate collection manager at the Natural History Museum of Utah. “It’s difficult to persuade people that we’re here, but we are, and it’s extremely thrilling.” Bills’ enthusiasm is contagious. She’s the museum’s insect expert, and she’s using science to reach out to rural communities by gathering firefly sightings from around Utah, the country’s second driest state.

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