Can Raccoons Eat Cats and Dogs?

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Yes, a raccoon can eat a cat, small-sized dogs, and other small animals as well.
But raccoons are not a threat to your dog or cat’s life as much as to their general well-being.

Raccoons may appear to be playful and good-natured but beware of raccoons nonetheless. But they also have a reputation for being quite unpleasant at times.

Kittens are especially vulnerable if a raccoon is nearby. Despite its reputation for being cute and cuddly, a raccoon is still a wild animal and could very well attack a kitten and try to eat them.

Raccoons that roam freely about the neighborhood may seem relatively tame, but they sometimes get into a fight with cats. Cats can be territorial and aggressive, and they are especially sensitive if the raccoon is attempting to steal their food.

Furthermore, raccoons may sometimes prey on small animals that are kept outdoors, such as rabbits, chickens. When there is no other food around for them to get their paws on, raccoons may even attack kittens and small cats.

The ironic thing about this is that they can also get along just fine as long as your cat is willing to share. Many a startled cat owner has looked outside only to see their pet and a raccoon eating serenely side-by-side.

Do Raccoons Attack Dogs?

Healthy raccoons are not likely to fight with a dog unless provoked, but dogs will sometimes chase raccoons, and if cornered a raccoon will defend itself. They are known to be vicious fighters and when confronted by a dog will seek to scratch the dog’s eyes out in battle.

Cats and Raccoons

When it comes right down to it, raccoons present more of a threat to cats than they do to dogs. If you know that there are raccoons in your neighborhood, you should take the proper precautions to protect your cat.

For their own safety you should not permit your kitty to roam freely about the yard, nor should you leave cat food outside for your pet.

Not only can raccoons attack your cat, while stealing their food, but they can transmit rabies and other diseases, so even if your kitty has just a few scratches from a fight with a raccoon, it could still amount to something serious.

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How to Protect Your Cat From Raccoons

While raccoons can be determined pests, there are ways to get rid of them without having to use poison.

  • Keep your yard clean — Having full trashcans standing about with the remains of food that has been disposed of is a sure way to attract not only raccoons but other neighborhood animals as well. Remember, these are wild animals and have to scrounge about for their food, so if they spy an easy offering, they are going to go for it.
  • Keep windows and seal cracks and holes — It’s a simple matter for raccoons to get inside of basements and attics by way of unsealed cracks and windows that are left open. Once this animal has found its way into your home, not only is it your cat that is in danger, but you and members of your family could also be bitten or injured.
  • Don’t keep food lying around — It’s a bad idea to leave food around any open windows or out in the yard. And if you’re in the habit of putting out table scraps or perhaps leftovers for the birds or the squirrels, remember that along with these animals you consider your friends can come raccoons, and then you will wind up inviting a problem right onto your property.
  • Choose a more secure fencing system — This can not only keep raccoons away but help to keep your cat in your yard if you allow your pet to go outside.

In the end, raccoons are not a threat to your dog or cat’s life as much as to their general well-being. They won’t seek out your pets to dine on unless they are pretty small, and if the local food supply has dried up for them.

The greater threat is from the usual difficulties that arise with animals such as territorial disputes, fights over food, and the like. Then raccoons can become quite nasty and inflict harm on your dog or cat.

So if you know there are raccoons in your neighborhood, it’s best not to do anything that will encourage them to come onto your property for any reason. That way they won’t become a nuisance and you will keep your pet safe.

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