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  • penguin family PJSUDWD scaled e1619813765586

    Do Penguins Have Feathers? ????

    Yes – all penguins have feathers. Penguins are birds – like pigeons and ostrich – and are covered from head to flipper in lovely insulating feathers. Why Do Penguins Have Feathers? Birds evolved many MANY eons ago and developed specialized hairs that we call feathers. Since that first feather – found in fossils from 150MYA…

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    How Long Can Penguins Stay Underwater? ????

    Penguins can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes at a time. Penguins are great swimmers and spend their lives in the open ocean hunting underwater. Can Penguins Breathe Underwater? Unlike fish – birds cannot breathe underwater. Birds – like mammals – breathe air and haven’t yet evolved a way to breathe underwater. Even…

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    Do Polar Bears Eat Penguins?

    No, But only for one reason. Penguins live around the South Pole – and Polar Bears only live around the North Pole: 20,000 kilometers apart. So no, Polar Bears do not eat penguins, because they can’t get to them. Would Polar Bears Eat Penguins? It would certainly be an unfortunate affair for the penguin –…

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  • antarctic fur seal arctocephalus gazella and king 73PBUYU scaled e1619815867370

    Do Seals Eat Penguins?

    Yes, the Seals eat penguins. Most penguins live in and around Antarctica – but so do many big seals. Unfortunately, all seals are carnivores, so some of them do actually eat penguins. Which Seals Eat Penguins? There are many species of seals that share a habitat with a variety of penguin species – and often…

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    Can Penguins Fly? And Why Yes or No?

    No, Penguins can’t fly because the structure of their wings has, over the ages evolved for swimming.  Penguins are able to swim underwater as swiftly as 15 to 25 miles per hour. Almost like little torpedoes. They lost the ability to fly about 65 million years ago, Why Penguins Can’t Fly Everyone loves a penguin. The…

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