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  • asian small clawed otter aonyx cinereus in river 2C96AJE scaled e1632773538288

    Will Otters Attack Humans? ????

    Yes otters will attack humans – but it isn’t something that is very common. Recently it seems to be happening more and more in Florida – where habitat conflict is higher. Will River Otters Attack Humans? North American River Otters (Lontra canadensis) by nature – try to avoid humans. They would prefer to choose habitats…

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  • european otter lutra lutra PDL7G5Q scaled e1632773248216

    Do Otters Hibernate? ????

    Otters are great at surviving in cold weather. Because large flowing rivers don’t freeze in winter – only the surface does – otters just carry on like normal. In The U.S. Do Otters Hibernate? There are only 2 species of otter that live all year round in Northern America: the North American River Otter (Lontra…

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  • sea otter close up P7RS28J scaled e1632771764721

    Do Otters Live In The Ocean? ????

    Otters are keen swimmers – and many otter species live and feed in the ocean. Two such species (the Sea Otter and the Marine Otter) made it their full time home. How Do Otters Live In The Ocean? Most Otters (and there are 13 species around the world) can be found along the coast –…

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  • closeness of an otter mom baby L9KZQ7E e1632771462807

    Do Otters Mate For Life? ????

    Although otters are often seen together in love – for days at a time – they are not paired for life. The male soon leaves her – and goes off to find another one. Do Otters Mate For Life? Otters – like many other mammals – are polygynous: where one male mates with several different…

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  • european otter in shallow water at night K84MGPR scaled e1632770022682

    Do Otters Eat Ducks? ????

    Otters mainly eat fish, crustaceans and molluscs – but they are great opportunists. If they were easy to catch – then yes: otters would certainly eat ducks. How Often Do Otters Eat Ducks? In general, an otter eats around 80% fish, crustaceans, and mollusks. They also eat other animals including frogs, lizards, snakes, and birds…

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  • the hippo is opening his mouth to eat hippopotamus CQ6MR3Y scaled e1632082569707

    Do Hippos Have Tusks Or Teeth? ????

    If you’re biological – hippos have teeth: 8 giant 1ft-long teeth. However, if you define tusks as art (something beautifully carved) then hippos have tusks. Do Hippos Have Tusks – And How Many? If we are assuming that any giant white protrusions sticking out of an animal’s jaw – are tusks – then hippos win…

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