How Do I Snake Proof My Yard? ????

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Despite whatever you have heard or read, there are no smell or taste “repellents” scientifically proved to keep snakes away from your garden. But there are other ways you can snake proof your garden.


Snakes can be everywhere because they love to stay in peaceful areas so they go everywhere to entertain themselves in winter and summers as well.

One thing that why they find your home yard so attractive is that in the hot weather of summer they are always in search of cool places which are shadowy as well.

So, the availability of the trees provides them with both of the things.

Aside from an occasionally wandering snake accidentally crossing your way as it is passing through, a reptile that hangs around for any length of time finds your snake-friendly yard. If you want to avoid the presence of snakes in your yard, you have to make your yard unattractive for them so that they can keep themselves away from the yard. Snakes do not stick around for a longer period where their basic needs are not present. This can help you in getting rid of the snakes.

What Can You Put in Your Yard to Keep Snakes Away?

When all other ways of keeping the snakes are not working then you can do one thing that can be effective in keeping the snakes away from your yard? You can use fencing to keep the snakes away. Use ¼ inch or smaller rigid mesh or solid sheeting and bury it a few inches to the ground. You should include the bend at the top to prevent snakes from climbing up and over. Another thing that can also be effective is fire. If you make a place where you set fire once or twice a week then that will make the place unattractive for the snake. 

Can Snakes Digest and Pass Bones?

Can snakes digest and pass bones? It’s a popular question among many curious minds. Well, let’s shed some light on this topic. Throughout history, there have been various myths and rumors surrounding snakes’ bone excretion: fact or fiction?? While it might be hard to believe, it is indeed a fact! Snakes possess specialized digestive systems capable of breaking down and eventually excreting bones. So rest assured, snakes can handle the bones that come along with their meals.

How Do I Keep the Snake Away From my Property?

There are various precautions or instructions that you can take to keep the snakes away from your property and yard as well. Some are listed below.  

  • Mow the grass and keep it short more often. Snakes like to move without being visible to people and that can only happen while you are having the long grass at your yards. If you will mow the grass shorter than it will increase their exposure to the predators like owls and hawks. Short grass also makes snakes easier to spot.
  • Avoid over-watering your plant. Too much landscape water is not good for your yard because it can attract prey such as worms, frogs, and slugs which can result in attracting the snake towards the lawn. 
  • Keep the shrubs and trees trimmed and away from your home garage, and keep the branches off the ground. Creating a 25-28 inch space under the trees and shrubs will help in keeping the snakes away from the yard and also it will be easier to spot them.
  • If you feed the birds or other pets then you should keep their feeders away. Birds are messy eaters and leave their food on the ground which attracts rodents and snakes as well.  
  • Store firewood, lumber, and other types of debris away from your home because if these things are there, it will be the best place for the snake to hide. 
  • Always seal crevices and cracks and foundations. Once you are done doing it then always keep on checking and these places can be a great way to identify places that allows the air conditioning and heat to escape the home. 
  • In short, we can say that you should make your place unattractive for the snake. Snakes are reclusive creatures and they like to live alone in a peaceful environment. Once you will start checking and cleaning all the places then there are minimum chances for a snake to live there. 

These are the things that you can do to keep the snakes away from your yard.


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