What Snakes are Capable of Eating Humans? (At least 3)

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First of I have to say that it VERY rarely happens
that a snake eats a human let alone an adult human.

Some Types Of Snakes Can In Theory Eat A Human.

These are some of the most dangerous:

  • Burmese Python
  • Asian Tiger Snake
  • Green Anaconda
  • African Rock Python

If you encounter one of these snakes, don’t run because this will only make them chase after you; instead, try to stay calm and slowly back away from it in a controlled manner before heading indoors where there is less chance they could reach you.

The Asian Tiger Snake ranges from Indonesia through most of Southeast Asia to China, Japan, and Taiwan. Most Tigers live deep in the forested areas of the jungle. They are fast and elusive snakes with a reputation for being aggressive. The most dangerous species is the Sunda Tiger Snake – this snake is usually found in human settlements where it is often killed by people who mistake them for the Asian Black Mamba. This species is highly poisonous and can deliver a painful bite, although usually not fatal.

The Burmese python is a non-venomous snake that is extremely large, reaching an average length of 16 feet. They are often kept as pets in the United States and Asia. School kids have been known to take them on Halloween for show-and-tell purposes. As with most pythons, they are constrictors, suffocating their prey before eating them.

The Green Anaconda is one of the largest snakes in the world and can also be one of the most deadly. Like the Burmese Python, Green Anacondas kill their victims by suffocation; however, it isn’t uncommon for them to eat live animals without killing them first and to swallow large reptiles whole.

Can Snakes Eat Humans Whole?

Snakes can and will eat their prey whole. When their meal is a large animal, they will coil up and “ball” their prey to swallow it headfirst. When the snake swallows its meal in this manner, it only has to unhinge its jaw to consume the meal whole.

If the prey is small enough, the snake will swallow it by simply opening its mouth as a human would. In the case of a snake, its jaws unhinge easily to facilitate swallowing a meal.

In addition to consuming their prey whole, snakes have been known to consume insects and worms whole as well. This can be achieved by the snake opening its mouth wide or by using its tongue.

What About Poisonous Snakes?

The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox) is the only rattlesnake in North America that can kill a human unprovoked, but it doesn’t eat humans. The venom of this snake contains a toxin called neurotoxin; while it incites a mighty immune reaction by human blood, it also inflicts upon us some severe side effects such as paralysis.

A large specimen of the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake has been known to eat a full-grown deer.

Many types of snakes can eat a human and the fact is that various species of snakes are poisonous to humans. Most of these snakes deliver their venom with a bite, and if you do happen to get bitten by one, the initial symptoms are burning pain in the area of the bite, swelling, blood oozing out of the wound, nausea and stomach pain, and headaches.

The severity of symptoms depends on how much venom was administered and how much damage it inflicted upon the bitten area.

The good news is that there is an antivenin for most poisonous snake bites. The antivenin can take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours to administer and it will prevent you from getting sick. Antivenin does not, however, heal or prevent the wound with the poisonous bite from getting infected.

The best way to defend yourself against poisonous snakes is not by trying to kill them. Snakes can be valued and hunted for food because they are being used as gut feeders in some places.

Can Snakes Swallow Whole Humans?

Yes, some snakes can eat humans whole. But it is more often kids then adults that actually gets eaten.

As you can see in the video below there have been a few attacks.

Snake Eats 54 yo women

Can Snakes Eat Human Faces?

No, when a snake eats it eats the entire “dinner”, so unless they are fed human parts then no snakes don’t eat human faces.

Do Snakes Eat Live Animals or Kill Them First?

Yes, some snakes will eat live animals such as lizards and frogs, but they will also take dead animal carcasses. For example, green anacondas are known to consume live fish whole and then swallow them whole as well.

Do Snakes Have Tongues?

Snakes do not have tongues. They probably used to have tongues, but it has been lost in most species for some mysterious reason.

Can Snakes Spit Venom?

Yes, some snakes spit their venom. Some can spit as far as 3 meters and they usually aim for the eyes of their target to blind them.

In the video below you can see the Mozambique Spitting Cobra

What Should I Do if I Encounter a Snake?

Snakes are relatively common in most countries around the world. Unlike most other animals, snakes can be extremely dangerous if you catch sight of them unawares or if you disturb one from its hiding place.

  • If you catch sight of a snake, try to get as much of the body in focus as you can before it moves on or before you realize that it is a dangerous species.

    Most snakes are reluctant to bite unless they are threatened, so if you give them the impression that they are not in danger, then they will normally move on without harming you.
  • Remember to look behind your back; snakes are very good at covering up their scent and this can be a survival mechanism for them.
  • If a snake moves towards you, try to move into a tree or some other type of cover as quickly as possible to keep yourself safe.

    Remember, snakes can travel many times faster than most people without making any noise, so standing still and not moving when a snake is nearby is not the best option.
  • If a snake is chasing you, then don’t run; instead, try to calmly back away from it in a controlled manner before heading indoors where there is less chance that it can reach you.

Can an Anaconda Eat a Person?

Yes, anacondas are known to eat animals their size or larger. However, there are no reported cases of anacondas eating a person.

Anacondas do not have the strong jaw power to break through bone and would be unable to eat a person alive. They would probably suffocate the person to death before eating them.

Can a Python Eat a Man?

Yes, the chances of this are very slim although it is possible. If an anaconda or any other type of python was going to attack a person then it would go for the legs because that’s where the meat is located.

However, if a python did attack its prey then it would have to unhinge its jaw due to pressure from swallowing, causing loss of control. This could take seconds or minutes and could be very dangerous to the victim.

Why Do Snakes Attack Humans?

Yes, But snakes are not out to get you. Most snake bites occur when people have handled or interfered with the snake in some way. If you see a snake, count yourself lucky and move on.

It’s just as happy to have you leave as you are to leave it alone.

Can a Ferret Protect Me from a Snake Attack?

When it comes to ferret vs snake: killing capabilities examined, it’s important to note that ferrets are skilled hunters and can be trained to go after small animals. However, when it comes to protecting you from a snake attack, it’s unlikely that a ferret alone would be able to overpower or defend you against a snake. It’s always best to take necessary precautions and seek professional help if encountering a snake in order to ensure your safety.

Can Any of the Animals with the Strongest Bites In The World Eat Humans?

Yes, some of the top 15 animals with strongest bites have the capability to eat humans. These animals include crocodiles, sharks, and big cats. While these attacks are rare, it’s important to be cautious around these powerful predators in their natural habitats.


In conclusion, some snakes are capable of eating humans and it is important that we are aware of this fact. Although the majority of snakes will not attack humans, there are some that will and we must be prepared for that possibility.

If you are ever in a situation where you are confronted by a snake, it is important to stay calm and use caution. Do not try to touch or kill the snake, as that could lead to further injury. Instead, try to back away slowly and contact authorities for help.

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