Can You Keep Hummingbirds as Pets?

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Any of around 320 species of tiny, typically brilliantly colored birds belonging to the family (Trochilidae).

Hummingbirds are normally classified with swifts in the order (Apodiformes), although they are occasionally classified in their own order, (Trochiliformes).

Because of the brilliant, glittering colors and elaborately specialized feathers of many species (usually only found in males),

British naturalist John Gould gave many hummingbirds exotic common names, many of which are still in use today, such as fairy, hill star, coquette, wood star, topaz, sun gem, sapphire, and sylph, to name a few examples.

Can You Keep Hummingbirds as Pets?

No! you can keep a hummingbird as a pet. Most hummingbirds are present in the United States, on the Indonesian island of Bali, Canada, and in some other locations. This species is protected by the states under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Appendix 2.

There are birds on the list that are not threatened with extinction, but whose trading is restricted in order to safeguard them since free trade would put them at risk of extermination.

Either it’s legal or illegal? 

It is illegal to keep hummingbirds as pets. It is prohibited to keep a Hummingbird as a pet in the United States. These birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, which was passed in the United States.

You are not permitted to catch or retain a hummingbird or her egg unless you have specific authorization.

Although we, as humans, wish them well, it is not permissible to keep these birds as pets since it is harmful to them to be kept in captivity for extended periods of time.

So hummingbirds are protected by the United States government, but in some countries, people are free to keep these birds as pests like in Asian countries.

Is It Any Fine To Violate The Rule?

Yes! In the United States of America, if a person violates the rule of keeping a hummingbird as a pet, he or she can be fined between 15,000 $ to 200,000 $.

Is There Any Difficulty To Keep Hummingbirds as Pets?

It is because of certain characteristics of the bird’s personality that we are unable to maintain them as pets. Let us go through each of these elements in further detail:

Fast metabolism

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Homeothermic creatures, such as hummingbirds, are those that maintain their internal body temperature regardless of external influences.

Hummingbirds have the quickest mass-specific metabolism of all of the homeothermic animals. They have the greatest metabolic rate of any animal, with the exception of insects, when they are in flight.

Their quick wing-flapping and fast-forward flying patterns cause their bodies to consume more energy. As a result, they tend to consume a large amount of food.

Feedings must be given every 10 to 15 minutes to keep them healthy. Because of this, it becomes exceedingly tough for you to care for them during the day.

Like other birds, you cannot leave them alone with food since they may run out before you return with it. You don’t want to come home to find your pet has died of famine when you get there.

Extremely small size

The majority of hummingbird species range in length from 3 to 5 inches in length. The Bee Hummingbird is the tiniest bird on the planet, measuring just 2.25 inches in length. It is about the same weight as a dime.

Because of their exceedingly small size, they are delicate and fragile, making them unsuitable for keeping as pets. Holding them too tightly may cause severe injury or even death if you squeeze them too hard.

Diet needs

Hummingbirds are thought to be able to subsist only on sugar water, according to some individuals. This is a fallacy since in the wild, they consume much more than only nectar.

Furthermore, the nectar that they obtain in the wild is far more complex in terms of nutrients than the nectar that they obtain in the laboratory.

Even more impressive, the texture of nectar that these birds swallow is extremely important to them. Using their tube-like tongues, they prefer to adhere to the one that is not overly concentrated in any one flavor.

Hummingbirds require protein, which they may obtain from tiny living insects such as fruit flies and gnats, in order to maintain a healthy diet.

Every day, the typical hummingbird consumes insects and nectar in quantities equal to half of its total weight. As a result, they consume between 1000 and 2000 flowers and hundreds of insects every day. If we keep them as pets, we will have to feed them exotic food that will be difficult to prepare.

It is estimated that a typical individual with the metabolism of a hummingbird would consume 129 kg of meat each day on average.

That clearly demonstrates how much time these tiny organisms spend accumulating the weight that they shed as a result of their rapid movement. They eat virtually continuously throughout the day, every single day!

Do Hummingbirds Make a Good Pet?

Let’s suppose you lived in a country where keeping a hummingbird as a pet wasn’t against the law. Would it be possible that they would make good pets then? The quick answer is that it does not. These birds are non-domesticated, it is not possible to domesticate them. Whenever we domesticate them, they can’t survive in captivity.

Can You Keep Hummingbirds at Home?

Hummingbirds are non-domesticated birds. Whenever we try to keep them at home, their environment changes from free-flying to captivity, in this captivity, we provide them with different types of food. Sometimes the food that we are providing is not a favorite food.

They are taking this food just to fill their stomachs. Captivity also changes their breeding period. As a result, whenever these types of changes occur, the hummingbird is unable to cope and dies. According to researchers, we can’t keep these birds at home but can attract them to our yard or garden.

How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Yard or Garden?

Hummingbirds are highly adapted for nectar-eating, as seen by their long bills and grooved tongues, which are great for exploring flowers and other nectar sources.

Sugary nectar is a quick source of energy and accounts for 90 percent of a hummingbird’s total caloric intake. Unfortunately, owing to industrialization and climate change, hummingbird-friendly habitats may be shifting along many of the hummingbird migration routes, which is a sad situation.

Following these procedures will help you to provide a healthy habitat for hummingbirds:

  • Native plants such as trumpet honeysuckle, balm, bee, and hummingbird sage, produce far more nectar than hybrids and exotics. So grow these types of plants in your yard.
  • Hummingbirds are attracted by orange tubular, growing this plant can attract hummingbird.
  • Hummingbirds would prefer it if you leave some sticks and tiny branches on your shrubs and trees so that they have ready perches.
  • Encourage your neighbors to make their yards more hummingbird-friendly by posting signs in their yards. A continuous corridor of habitat is far more important than a collection of isolated pieces.
  • Avoid to use pesticide in your yard.

Can Hummingbirds be Tamed?

In some cases, it is possible to make a hummingbird friend or tame them. It is quickly discovered by those who have hummingbird feeders in their yards that the birds will “make friends” with them and become fairly docile.

It is also possible to use a hand-held feeder if you are really patient. You must maintain complete stillness for the hummingbirds to perch on your shoulder or on your finger while they feed. In order to attract them, you should dress in bright colors. You should provide them, their favorite food.

Can Hummingbirds live in a cage?

No, it is believed by some people that it is possible to keep hummingbirds as pets, which is not only unlawful, but also cruel. Hummingbirds are unable to survive in captivity for lengthy periods of time.

They have a pressing yearning to fly. However, some individuals, generally those with children, believe that raising hummingbirds will be enjoyable for their children, not realizing that hummingbirds consume between 200 and 300 fruit flies every day.

Sugar water, also known as nectar, is not their primary source of nutrition. Protein is what it is. They will starve to death if they do not obtain enough protein.

When we eventually get our hands on these baby birds, their appearance is just horrible. You can tell they’re hungry because they’re turning their heads away when you try to feed them sugar water. They are apprehensive about eating!

Are Toucans as Easy to Keep as Hummingbirds as Pets?

Toucans as suitable pets require a different level of care compared to hummingbirds. While both are exotic birds, toucans require a larger living space and a more diverse diet. They can be trained to interact and socialize with humans. However, due to their specialized needs, toucans are not as common or easy to keep as hummingbirds as pets.

Is It Ok To Touch a Hummingbird?

Touching or catching hummingbirds is not dangerous. You will not become ill or acquire a disease if you come into contact with a hummingbird.

Hummingbirds are not prohibited from coming close to humans; nonetheless, it is illegal to catch, keep, or otherwise manipulate a hummingbird without permission. If you pick up a hummingbird in distress or hand feed a hummingbird, you are completely within your legal rights and are not violating any laws in the process.


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