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    Do Giraffes Eat Meat? ????(Answered)

    No, giraffes are herbivores and don’t eat meat. But under certain circumstances, giraffes actually do eat meat. What Does A Giraffe Usually Eat? Giraffes are ruminants – like deer, goats, and sheep – and are classed as herbivores. In the savannahs of central Africa where most species of giraffe live – their favorite food is…

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    Can a Giraffe Get Up If It Falls? ???? (Answered)

    Yes, Giraffes can get up if they fall.While giraffes are not well-equipped for lying or falling on their sides. But it can be dangerous for the giraffes. Here is a short video of a giraffe getting up after falling. Can a Giraffe Calv Get Up If It Falls? After half an hour, a healthy calf…

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    Can Raccoons Eat Cats and Dogs?

    Yes, a raccoon can eat a cat, small-sized dogs, and other small animals as well. But raccoons are not a threat to your dog or cat’s life as much as to their general well-being. Raccoons may appear to be playful and good-natured but beware of raccoons nonetheless. But they also have a reputation for being…

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